Digital & Innovation

One step ahead of the future

While the technological revolution is changing the way people do things, we are inventing the bank of tomorrow with a deep conviction: innovation coupled with responsibility is essential to serve and protect our customers, improve our operational efficiency and seize the business opportunities of tomorrow. Technology and innovation give us the means to build the future while we support our staff during this period of radical transformation for our business lines, through an open and collaborative approach.

Innovation is in the DNA of our organization 

Digital transformation is a key challenge for the banking sector going forward. On top of an industrial revolution, digital transformation is a cultural revolution, involving clients expecting value added, personalized services, available anytime, anywhere, on any device, and employees needing empowerment, autonomy, agility and skill acquisition to innovate and reinvent the bank of tomorrow.

Societe Generale Luxembourg is taking another step in its innovation strategy to make the most of the latest technological breakthroughs and offer a personalized experience and better customer service through the use of data and digital technology.

Be client centric
Improve efficiency
Create new business model

Our 4 pillars

Modernize IT & deploy digital foundation

For us, technology is a formidable source of innovation when it is thought-through, planned and mastered.
This is why, we have built a transversal team to adapt innovation to our local specificities and deploy digital capabilities. The team develops solutions on their own, and also help other IT teams adopt these new solutions and ways of working. 

Leverage on plateform strategy

We leverage on the Societe Generale Group's efficient platform strategy with a local input in order to offfer a consistent user experience, new approaches to customer interaction and advanced digital functions/services.

Raise business awareness

We offer to our colllaborators many internal conferences on topics such as Quantum, I.A., data, blockchain and others. For us, internal digital acculturation is essential.

Foster innovation & disruption

#LePlateauLUX, our open-innovation lab, collaborates with the Luxembourgish FinTech ecosystem, particularly with the Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies (LHoFT Foundation) and Luxinnovation, for their expertise in supporting innovative start-ups, notably in regard to accessing financing.

Our businesses are constantly evolving, opening up to agile and external companies helps develop new technical skills and accelerate internal ownership of hot topics such as AI, blockchain, cybersecurity and data. Our goal is also to strengthen our local footprint as a key contributor to the FinTech ecosystem in Luxembourg.