PSD2 & Third Party Providers API Portal

PSD2 directive

Open Banking is the result of the PSD2 directive introduced by the European Banking Authority. It enables personal and business customers to share their data securely with banks and third parties, allowing them to compare products, initiate payments and request account information. The data is shared via Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). 

For more information, you will find in this document all further explanations given by European Commission.


Third Party Provider ("TPP") API Portals

Societe Generale Luxembourg, as part of this Payment Service Directive, provides:

  • A testing facility based on “Berlin Group” standards and available for authorised Third Party Providers to test API access from March, 14th 2019.
  • A production facility based on “Berlin Group” standards enabling authorised Third Party Providers to provide PSD2 services from June, 14th 2019.

Statistics to compare PSD2 services availability and performance for Société Générale Luxembourg and TPP interfaces will be published from October, 1st 2019.

If you are an authorized Third Party Provider (TPP) by the Commission de Surveillance du Secteur Financier (CSSF)  please contact us: 


To compare Societe Generale Luxembourg interface services availability and performance statistics with the TPP ones, please click: 


Wide usage TPP KPIs are available here.