Our goal is to assist you successfully carry out your projects. You can rely on us to help with everything from financing your operating cycle to the investments you need to expand your business.

You can have the benefit of our skills in the areas of financing operations and equity restructuring, which are enhanced by our close working relationship with Société Générale’s teams of finance specialists.
A company needs to have the resources to grow and expand in today’s constantly evolving markets. You can count on our expertise in this area.

Financing the operating cycle

We offer global operating loans to help you finance your business’ operating cycle.
Our global operating loan is a mixed credit line, which you can use as an overdraft facility and/or a straight loan and/or for forward transactions. Within the limits of the credit line, your use of the funds varies depending on your current needs. This type of credit therefore offers you great flexibility in your planning.

Investment financing

You have the option of financing your investments via long-term loans, which are offered in conjunction with public investment aid organizations.

Commercial financing

A dedicated team assists you with your business transactions by establishing and monitoring documentary credits (issuing/notification) and international guarantees.

Specialized financing

There is a specific type of financing that corresponds to each of your business projects. We are here to find the right solutions for your individual requirements (syndication, securitization, forfaiting, etc.).

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