Online banking


MultiLine, which is dedicated to businesses in Luxembourg, lets you manage all your accounts held with Societe Generale Luxembourg and other Luxembourg banks.

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Sogecash International

Sogecash International offers a range of services for businesses with several international bank accounts:

  • Global Cash is an online solution providing a single point of access for the management of your accounts held with Societe Generale Luxembourg and other banks.
  • Sogecash SWIFTNet enables you to carry out banking transactions with all your banks using a single standard global secure communication channel: SWIFTNet.
  • Sogecash International FTP is an internet-based system for sending large payment order volumes, which also integrates your account statements with your internal information systems.
Cash centralization
  • The Sogecash International Pooling service lets you keep track of your cash and reduce inactive cash positions. We pay close attention to managing your intra-group interest charges and we provide regular account statements to facilitate your administrative processes.
  • The Sogecash Intraday Sweeping service lets you set up an automatic cash pooling solution for all your accounts, including those held with other banks, so you no longer have to make cash transfers yourself.