The oldest foreign banking institution in the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg.

Our new headquarters: Arsenal

In 1893, Societe Generale was the first foreign bank to set up in the Grand Duchy. On the strength of its 130 years of history, the bank is today reaffirming its presence in the heart of Luxembourg with the inauguration of its new headquarters named “ARSENAL".

In 1893, Societe Generale was the first foreign bank to set up in the Grand Duchy.
On the strength of its 130 years of history, the bank is today reaffirming its presence in the heart of Luxembourg with the inauguration of its new headquarters named “ARSENAL".
The design was entrusted to Georges Reuter Architectes, who came up with a building that meets the highest contemporary architectural standards.

In a construction project, demolition is paradoxically the most critical and nerve-racking phase - you never know what to expect! When we’re building, we have the plans, the design and the requirements, so we know where we’re going.  But when we have to demolish, we rarely know what we're going to come up against, and thus that was the major difficulty of this site, the demolition.

A construction site of this scale also has to deal with a number of contingencies.

This project has been hit by successive crises. The first one was the Covid crisis, which brought the project to a halt. Then we had the Russian-Ukrainian crisis, with shortages of raw materials and consequent difficulties in controlling supply deadlines. Despite all this, I would like to highlight that we delivered a building that met our expectations and, above all, completed on time. How was it possible? Because our teams were extremely committed and involved. There was a real team spirit regarding this project, so I'd like to congratulate everyone who took part and contributed to the Arsenal construction project.

First and foremost, I'd like to emphasise the human element. This is important as, ultimately, there cannot be success in construction without a team. And I wanted to reiterate this fundamental point.

At Societe Generale Luxembourg, the architectural vision is focused on employees’ well-being. Every detail of the new headquarters has been designed with respect for the environment and with a view to ensuring accessibility, flexibility and social interaction.

With Arsenal, Societe Generale Luxembourg is fully in line with the Societe Generale group's Corporate Social Responsibility policy. The Group's standards in this area are high. And obtaining our double environmental certification - HQE (level 'Excellent') and BREEAM (level 'Very good') - is a concrete example of our commitment to act as a responsible company.

Beyond this shared objective, it was important is to involve all the employees who would work on-site, by inviting them to come up with suggestions resulting in some very concrete measures. I'll randomly mention a few. Managing our impact, for instance. With a building in the very heart of the city, it was essential that all the employees were committed to reducing their footprint in terms of pollution, be it noise pollution, lighting pollution, all kinds of pollution. Another concrete example of this HQE approach is waste management, with a very practical application in terms of recycling. I would also mention the monitoring of water and electricity consumption, which has become essential in these times of high energy prices. Finally, I'd like to mention the re-use of materials extracted from the site, and in particular the soil that we have been able to re-use on other company projects.

Very early on, we integrated environmental considerations, which are extremely important to Societe Generale. Not only in the materials we use, but also in the image we want to project. In this building, which is clearly an urban building, we were keen to integrate elements of nature, and it seemed to us that the colour terracotta, which is naturally found in nature, would bring warmth and reflect environmental harmony.  

And the respect for the environment also applies to the design of the interior space.

During construction, we used high-quality materials, and for the finishing touches when fitting out the premises, we endeavoured to implement a circular economy. Our primary aim was to avoid waste. We had a lot of existing furniture at that time, and rather than throw it all away, we recovered around 80% of the existing furniture, which we were able to recycle and reintegrate into the space, giving it a second life.

We set up a co-construction process to fully involve employees in choosing the furniture and design, so that they would feel as comfortable as possible.

They are going to spend a third of each weekday there, so it's very important that it's both a place to work and a place to live.

And Societe Generale Luxembourg is proud of its strong connection with the country and its role in the development of the financial centre.

This project reflects Societe Generale group's strong commitment to Luxembourg, where we have been present for 130 years.

This new headquarters offers a truly remarkable professional environment for our employees, fully adapted to new working methods, with a much wider range of meeting rooms and collaborative spaces than before. The building is also a fine example of teamwork with our employees, but also with the builders and the partner authorities - the town hall in particular.

I am very pleased to have been able to authorise a new head office in the centre of our city for one of our oldest banks. It's true that the development of the financial centre has contributed a great deal to our city and our country on many levels: economically and financially, but also in human, cultural and, quite simply, societal terms. We are now a truly multicultural society, and I'm very pleased to see that investors also see this as an added value. It's their wealth, but above all it's the wealth of all those who have chosen to work and live here in Luxembourg City.

And I think that collectively, we can be extremely proud of this magnificent result.

  • Opening of a branch of Societe Generale Alsacienne de Banque (SOGENAL)


    SOGENAL becomes a director-founder of the stock exchange of Luxembourg


    SOGENAL counts more than 12 branches through the country. Nevertheless, the Second World War is going to end about half a century of presence in the Luxembourg with the closure of the bank


    Reopening of a branch of the Société Générale Alsacienne de Banque (SOGENAL)

  • Creation/purchase of a dedicated private banking subsidiary Luxbanque


  • Merger Sogenal branch and Luxbanque, resulting in the creation of Societe Generale Bank & Trust (SGBT)

    • Sogenal contributes its Swiss branches: Zürich, Geneva, Lugano
    • Creation of a subsidiary SGBT Monaco


    SGBT acquires control of Rüegg Bank, a small private bank in Zürich


    Contribution to Rüegg Bank of the branches in Lugano and Geneva and of the SGBT Zürich private banking activities to create a new structure dedicated to Private Banking, SG Rüegg Bank

  • 2003

    • Subsidiarising of the central administration activity for investment funds: Euro-VL Luxembourg (now SGSS Luxembourg)
    • Acquisition of the Compagnie Bancaire de Genève which after merger with SG Rüegg Bank, results in the creation of SG Private Banking (Switzerland)


    Creation of a branch in Singapore


    • Creation of a branch in Athens
    • Creation of a branch in Hong Kong
    • Societe Generale group acquires the Securities business unit of Unicredito with the subsequent acquisition, in Luxembourg, of the company European Fund Services (transfer agent)


    • Integration of a new branch SGBT Middle East in Dubai
    • Creation of two subsidiaries: Societe Generale d’Arbitrages et de Participations et Lyxor Asset Management Luxembourg
  • 2008

    Creation of Societe Generale Private Wealth Management


    Creation of Societe Generale Private Banking Life Insurance Broker


    Creation of Societe Generale Lettres de Gage - the Group's covered bond issuer


    Creation of Societe Generale Issuer, the Societe Generale Group's new issuing entity


    Societe Generale celebrates 120 years in Luxembourg


    The Societe Generale group celebrates its 150 years

  • New premises in the city center

    Societe Generale Bank & Trust moves in its new premises located 18 boulevard Royal in Luxembourg

  • #LePlateauLUX

    Creation and opening of #LePlateauLUX, the innovation lab of Societe Generale Luxembourg

  • Societe Generale Luxembourg

    Societe Generale Bank & Trust becomes Societe Generale Luxembourg

  • New building ICONE and new head office ARSENAL

    Societe Generale Luxembourg moves in its new premises ICÔNE located in Belval and in ARSENAL, its original head office in the heart of Luxembourg.

  • Societe Generale Luxembourg celebrates 130 years in Luxembourg

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