SG Issuer

SG Issuer (SGIS), Societe Generale Group's new issuing entity, is wholly-owned by Societe Generale Luxembourg.

It has the ability to issue both secured and unsecured notes while providing investor’s access to Societe Generale’s product expertise.


SGIS provides investors with access to the entire range of financial engineering services within the Societe Generale Group. This can be combined with an extensive range of investment strategies linked to the various asset classes (equities, interest rates, currencies, credit, commodities and funds).

It can issue both secured and unsecured notes through private placements or public offerings. The securities issued by SG Issuer are also backed by a guarantee from the Societe Generale Group.


The secured notes issued by SG Issuer offer several protection mechanisms designed to mitigate the impact of a default by the Societe Generale Group:

  • Throughout their life, the notes will be collateralized by assets held in separate accounts to Societe Generale's assets.
  • In the event of default by Societe Generale, investors will have a claim on the assets held as collateral.


Regarding Secured Notes issued by SGIS:

  • During the life of the secured notes, the monitoring of the collateral assets will be performed by an independent service provider, The Bank of New York Mellon, London Branch.
  • In case of default of Société Générale, the liquidation process is predefined and will be managed by independent service providers from The Bank of New York Mellon Group.