Best selection: Extensive knowledge of our markets and counterparties


Thanks to open architecture principle, our expertise center selects the best banking institutions through a rigorous and independent process. Thus, we develop solutions in line with your expectations.

For our customers, our selection process guarantees access to our full market offer and benefit from the latest innovations while remaining consistent with the “Best Selection” Policy.


Our Open Architecture Set-up offers a full access to all asset classes and market products.



Best execution guarantee

Aware that our responsiveness to your requests is a milestone, we pay particular attention to order execution while providing best in class services. We have various electronic trading platforms which enable us to obtain competitive prices in a short time lapse.

For liquidity provided by market makers (ie: structured products, bonds and ETFs), we launch a firm inquiry to different market makers.

Orders are placed in the market as soon as possible, thanks to automated processing. Our experts provide constant monitoring on your orders status. Recommendations on the execution strategy are available when and if needed.

Market Solutions’ open architecture and positioning guarantee independence.