Listed shares, bonds and derivatives

Our dedicated team of market specialists monitor and execute your orders on equities, bonds and derivative products (listed options and futures).

12.000 deals/year

22,6G€ of nominal traded

Wide range of products

  • Shares
  • Bonds
  • ETFs
  • Futures
  • Options
  • Funds

and access to main liquidity platform

  • Charles River
  • Bloomberg
  • Trade Web
  • Market Axess
  • Open Trading
  • Posit
  • Etc.

international coverage

  • Asia
  • Europe
  • America

OTC exchange operations and derivatives

Counting more than 15 years, Societe Generale Luxembourg has developed a unique expertise on Over The Counter derivative products fitting private clients’ needs.

A team of experts offers you the opportunity to invest in foreign exchange, as well as on derivative products having as underlying equities, indices, forex, commodities and interest rates.

A wide range of derivative products and strategies are available to implement your investment strategy. We propose Dual Currency Deposits or other innovative products such as: accumulating products, TARF (target forward), etc. These type of products help optimising underlying assets trading, always subject to market conditions.

 133 G€ of nominal traded on OTC derivatives in 2017.

Structured products

Based on an open architecture model and market expertise, Societe Generale Private Banking combines know-how, professionalism and innovation dynamics in order to be the trusted partner of its customers to define tailor-made solutions adapted to their specific objectives (expected returns, frequency of cash flow, investment horizon, themes, diversification of underlying assets, etc.).


Societe Generale Private Banking expertise in structured products allows you to:

  • Benefit from an innovative offer and a constant markets monitoring.
  • Benefit from the best possible price thanks to open architecture business model (Best Execution Policy).
  • Optimise execution quality of your structured investment solutions.
  • Gain access to optimal liquidity (purchase-sale throughout product’s life) and price evolution monitoring.
  • Access arbitrage opportunities and/or restructuring existing solutions.
  • Benefit from an independent counter valuation made by our quantitative analysis experts.


1 200 new products/year

8.000 orders on the secondary market

+4G€ negotiated (purchasing only)

An example of a recent innovation of Societe Generale Private Banking: Cristal Solidarité, an investment solution with a charity component.

Designed to meet customers’ and employees growing expectations in terms of solidarity commitment, Cristal Solidarité is the first structured Private Bank product offered, whose subscription leads to charitable donations.

This donation, amount of which varies, is distributed in equal parts among selected associations helping their day-to-day life and/or projects.