Corporate Social Responsibility to innovate differently

Our initiatives

For Societe Generale in Luxembourg, the CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is a point of leverage for innovation in service of social and environment general interest initiatives, which has become vital and necessary to today's society.

In the continuation of our commitment to sustainable development, discover “La Minute RSE”, our new series of short videos that aims to promote and spotlight a responsible and inspiring practice.

Each episode will tell the story of a concrete action conducted by the bank and its staff to support actors in the social and solidarity-based economy who are working to improve our society from an economical, social, societal or environmental perspective.

Episode 4

Responsible investments

The sustainability of our ecosystem is a major challenge. Giving an additional meaning to the financial investments is not just an option, but it is now a necessity. Convinced that companies which care about ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) criterias will be able to register their performances on the long term and bring a long-lasting yield to the investor, Société Générale in Luxembourg designed a socially responsible financial offer, based on a global approach combining financial and extra-financial criterias. Petra Besson-Fencikova, CFA, portfolio manager at SGPWM, explain you this new offer "SRI Best-in-class".

Episode 3

Payroll Giving with NGO PADEM

Societe Generale in Luxembourg commits with the NGO PADEM in the project of Payroll Giving. Thanks to this simple initiative, based on volunteering and long-lasting, every collaborator has the opportunity to support the actions of PADEM by realizing every month a micro-donation, called Payroll Giving.

Episode 2

Giving meaning to our customer gifts

Within the framework of the global CSR initiative of Societe Generale, we chose to give meaning to our offer of customer gifts with a positive and sustainable impact. Juliette and Carole explains you how in this second episode of La Minute RSE.

Episode 1

Computer Hardware to Reduce the Digital Divide in Africa

In our first episode, “Computer Hardware to Reduce the Digital Divide in Africa”, Matthias Barthod, who is responsible for fund-raising for the Follereau Foundation, shares his experience with the Foundation's effective and sustainable partnership with Societe Generale in Luxembourg to support the entry of young Africans into the labour market.