#LePlateauLUX, the innovation lab of Societe Generale Luxembourg, aims to promote collaboration between internal project developers, start-ups and FinTech ecosystems in Luxembourg.


It was created to accelerate the development of the start-ups in Luxembourg and stimulate in-house innovation, in order to develop our ability to manage more innovative projects, more quickly, and better serve our customers.

Internal project developers and external start-ups will work in the same environment, over more than 100 m² of work space and 1,000 m² of living space (with access to the facilities of the Plaza Building, located near the train station) so that they can collaborate with each other. External start-ups, which focus mainly on the artificial intelligence (AI), data, blockchain and cybersecurity sectors, have been selected on the basis of the technologies used, interest for the Luxembourg Financial Centre and possible applications for the industry.

#LePlateauLUX will also collaborate with the Luxembourgish FinTechs ecosystem, particularly with the Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies (LHoFT Foundation) and Luxinnovation, for its expertise in supporting innovative start-ups, notably in regard to accessing financing.

Technological collaboration with Telindus is also being considered, as well the possibility for the selected start-ups to be able to access the acceleration platform (Fintech Acceleration Platform), which was designed jointly by Finologee and Clearstream Services, to develop and test their products and services. Start-ups as well as those running internal projects can also collaborate with Expon Capital to establish relationships.

Our businesses are changing rapidly, opening up to agile and external companies will help develop new technical skills and accelerate internal ownership of hot topics such as AI, blockchain, cybersecurity and data. Our goal is also to strengthen our local footprint as a key contributor to the FinTechs ecosystem in Luxembourg.

#LePlateauLUX represents a significant investment by all our departments and we have witnessed incredible mobilisation and real passion from all our colleagues. The ambition is to be a real accelerator of the innovation process within Societe Generale Luxembourg. #LePlateauLUX will support the bank in its transformation, especially in the digital sector, in order to continually better meet the needs of its customers.

The new season #LePlateauLUX

2nd season 

We are thrilled to announce the names of the start-ups which recently join our innovation lab:


Specialized in natural language processing, this French start-up was selected to work on email categorization and response automation, for backoffice activities. The objective is both to improve customer relationship and to implement a more efficient sales action plan. Golem.ai offers a tool without machine learning, capable of simplifying and automating a number of tasks, the solution is accessible to any type of profile.


Combining congnitive-RPA (robotization automation process) and AI, this London-based start-up will allow us to work on tasks automating through better data handling. Different use cases were selected around the comparison and extraction of PDF and FAX information, the digitalization of payment instruments, the automation of entries in different tools.


An INRIA spin-off, this startup from Metz offers a patented and fully secure solution able to secure all documents exchange (without size limits) both internally and externally. Lybero.net's solution meets a cross-functional need, we work together with different countries and departments to integrate this exchange solution into our tools.


CoinPlus is a Luxembourg start-up created in 2014. CoinPlus has developed a unique way to secure the generation of private keys on physical medium to respond to the growing need for security driven by the development of cryptocurrencies, digital assets and its associated risks.

Quotes from the first season

"Staying at #PlateauLux is an opportunity for Myrtea Metrics to be at the heart of Societe Generale Luxembourg's innovation. Based on exchanges and co-innovation, this operating mode allows a mutual enrichment that will make our Virtual Assistant a reference solution for managers." Stéphane HUGOT, CEO Myrtea Metrics

"Societe Generale Luxembourg will evaluate the ability of Tale of Data’s technology to meet specific banking challenges such as Data Compliance, joining #LePlateauLUX, the Innovation Lab, is an important step for us and an excellent news." Jean-Christophe Bouramoué, CEO & Founder, Tale of Data

"Secure data exchanges without changing processes and without software is the promise of Lybero.net. Thanks to #LePlateauLUX initiative, we will explore Societe Generale’s use cases and hope to simplify processes while guaranteeing the security of their proper implementation." Arnaud Laprévote, CEO, Lybero.net