Equity research

Our investment advisers always take an overall perspective on wealth, taking into account your needs and specific circumstances


The dual role of our expertise in equities

Our offer is based on two main missions:
- Undertake in-depth and tailor-made research in response to your equity investment requirements. To do so, we ensure the full range of our expertise is available to you and endeavour to bring you the necessary added value to improve the profile of your assets.
- Provide Societe Generale Private Banking’s wealth management specialists and investment advisers with an in-house selection model for securities, called AlphaGen, to secure your equity investments and help you with your decisions concerning a panel of three thousand listed companies worldwide, a third of which are in high growth countries.

Tailor-made solutions

Through our tailor-made solutions we offer a comprehensive private banking service in order to better meet your requirements.
As an example, our team of specialists are able to:

- Help with the creation of your equity portfolio
- Carry out an analysis of your existing portfolio and define a target portfolio adapted to your individual profile;
- Identify a selection of investment securities on a given theme or according to your usual criteria;
- Provide you with recommendations on any security of your choice;
- Put you in contact with the investor relations departments of listed companies.

For all these tailor-made solutions, we combine the expertise of our investment teams and our private bankers, include all your specific criteria in our meticulous process and detail the recommended decisions in clear, readily understandable terms.


Created by the private bank’s equity specialists, AlphaGen is a model whose architecture is based on the simple concept of defining a multi-criteria classification of equities while taking into account the views of our equity strategy specialists.
The methodology is based on financial criteria organised around traditional wealth management styles: Value, Growth, Quality and Results Momentum. The quarterly weighting of these styles expresses our macroeconomic views and adjusts the classification to the reality of financial market cycles.
AlphaGen is a decision-making tool for funds managers. Every week it also defines the equity universe recommended by your investment advisors.

Our guiding principle: Strong convictions

Our equity experts undertake daily research to find the right opportunities in the equity markets. With an extensive presence in Europe and in Asia we build our lists of strong convictions based on four pillars: balance sheet quality, growth, profitability and value-creation. These are then updated in our weekly publication “Equity Solutions Watcher”.
These convictions are the guiding principles of the service we offer. They are an integral part of the investment proposals we produce in response to the requests you make to your private banker.

Important information:

The price and value of financial products mentioned and the revenues they generate may go up as well as down. As such, it should be noted that the investor may be exposed to a risk of loss on the capital invested.