We understand that you want to take care of your wealth. From allocating assets to combining the best products on the market, we can offer you three kinds of Investment Services. 
Depending on the time you have available and how closely involved you would like to be, we have an approach to suit your needs.

Through our dedicated investment platform and our open architecture philosophy, you can build your portfolio from a range of asset classes across all markets.

Firstly we identify and analyse your needs, then we define your objectives and set out a strategy. Through regular updates you can redefine your management objectives and/or amend your risk profile at any time.

Discretionary Portfolio Management

If your time is precious, and you would like an expert to oversee the management of your financial assets, Discretionary Portfolio Management is designed for you.

Managed Advisory

If you would like to review and make the final decision regarding each investment in your portfolio but still benefit from the personalised advice of an expert, our Managed Advisory service is designed for you. The Managed Advisory service allows you to have a direct relationship with a dedicated expert who is available to inform your investment decisions. Continuous evaluation of market conditions requires time. As part of the Managed Advisory service our experts will dedicate their time to monitor the markets on your behalf, identifying opportunities for your portfolio.

Prime Market Access

If you are an active professional investor and would like to access financial markets on a daily basis. Our teams of trading specialists have direct access to our dealing rooms and can provide tactical advice to help you enact and optimise your trading ideas and strategies.