Financial Intermediaries

If you are a regulated financial intermediary such as a wealth management company, single or multi-family office or a fee based financial planning practice and require an extensive investment, private banking, fiduciary and reporting solution for your high net worth clients, we can help.
We offer this service in Switzerland, Luxembourg, Singapore, United Kingdom, Channel Islands, Gibraltar and Monaco.

A full service proposition

Our exclusive full service proposition allows you to retain full independence, autonomy, control and unfettered whole of market access across a number of international booking centres.

Being well accustomed to managing the wealth of sophisticated, high net worth clients, you will appreciate our way of thinking. Having ‘whole of market’ environments at your finger tips is key to your success, which is why Societe Generale Private Banking has developed this service for you.

Do you believe every element of your service is adequately positioned within the high net worth community? Our experience suggests that the more prestigious brands, across different markets, ensure each aspect of their client service is of the highest quality. As a regulated financial intermediary engaging with the most sought after clients, have you considered whether your chosen providers adequately reflect the aspirations of these clients? For example, how suitable and credible are your existing WRAP and fund supermarket providers when dealing with high net worth individuals?

Having delivered a high level of service to intermediaries across our private banking network for a number of years, you can rest assured that you and your clients will benefit from specialist and experienced teams. Our services, which traditionally have only been available to our own clients, will provide your clients with a broader and more extensive offering through our full service platform.

We offer trading and asset custody via an integrated suite of private banking solutions. These include asset backed, Foreign Exchange, structured products,  fiduciary services and prime market access (for professional investors). In addition, we offer a collaborative discretionary portfolio management service, for financial intermediaries wishing to outsource this element of client advice.

We have a fully transparent fee structure, allowing you to compete for new clients at the highest levels.

In essence, our service offers everything you would expect to see from a well respected and award winning Global Private Bank.

More benefits of working with us

  • You and your company will continue to be in full control of the client relationship and advice, leaving you to select and decide the appropriate whole of market solutions most suitable for your clients.
  • You will continue to interact with your clients in an unrestricted manner as normal, as all the services on offer are modular and can be used separately, if required.
  • You can leverage from our extensive research, expertise and market leading opportunities.
  • You can manage your own clients online via our investment, trading and custody platform or continue to work in conjunction with your chosen external Discretionary Investment Managers. Our own successful and highly regarded team of investment managers is also at your disposal, should you wish to use them.

Our services

The extensive list of solutions available as part of the Financial Intermediaries Services, are as follows:

  • Whole of market access to collectives, direct equities, bonds, gilts, structured products and derivatives across most known world markets.
  • Full suite of integrated private banking accounts, lending facilities, foreign exchange and multi-currency options.
  • International booking centres to ensure clients’ assets are custodied in the most appropriate jurisdictions, allowing full external access and control via the web or our dedicated specialist Intermediary teams.
  • Full access to your clients’ portfolios, including banking balances and on-line dealing via the website, or via our dedicated Intermediary team.
  • Full reporting services including current and historical valuations, custody asset reports and check strategies.
  • Access to Lyxor’s award winning and extensive range of over 200 ETFs’ across over 9 stock markets worldwide.
  • Access to Lyxor’s Hedge Fund Platform with over 100 carefully vetted and audited single manager Hedge Funds, with weekly liquidity.
  • Access to tailored and transparent Structured Products with daily liquidity, including access to our secondary market.
  • Vetted alternative investments such as Private Equity and International Real Estate.