Innovation, expertise & risk management

Reactivity and innovation as the central core of our priorities

Our financial markets technical expertise and knowledge drive us to seek constantly new strategies and products. We work closely with our teams of bankers, managers and investment advisors, focusing permanently on customer needs.

Innovation & Technologies

Located on the trading floor, our IT financial engineers team work daily on cutting edge technologies such as artificial intelligence. Our aim is to design processes and applications with added value to our customers, such as market sentiment analysis.

Risk monitoring and valuation calculations

Our specialists’ team design and adapt their calculation and return tool to guarantee fair and independent valuations over a wide range of OTC and structured products. Our target is to provide you with ever more efficient portfolio tracking methods.

Regulation monitoring

Our business are firmly compliant to a variety of different regulations. Our dedicated support team monitors all regulatory developments ensuring they are correctly applied in coordination with Market Solutions teams and bank’s Risk & Control departments.


AI provides a better assessment of the emotional aspects of the market, changes and trends in perceptions. The emotions that can be detected are, for example, fear, disgust, joy, anger.

Bertrand Kauffmann

AI within the dealing room

“Artificial intelligence enables the ability and capacity to collect extraordinary amounts of information. Artificial intelligence is able to detect, read, understand and analyze an impressive amount of data. By combining the attributes of big data, the reliability and quality of the data improve”.

Market Abuse Regulation

“As market experts, our aim is to serve the interests of our clients, and at the same time to protect the Bank, the market, and the price forming mechanisms of markets, and therefore other investors. The regulation on market abuse has become an absolute necessity.”