SGSS General Meeting Notice and Proxy Voting service

Service description
The SGSS service includes:
  • The access to the ProxyEdge platform, developed  by our partner Broadridge Financial Solutions ltd
    • Consolidates  all the information related to the General meeting notices in relation with your portfolios
    • Offers you a single access point to key-in your vote instructions 
    • Provides you with historical data and a statistics module 
  • The General Meeting notices 
    • Available on the ProxyEdge platform 
    • Or made available to your proxy advisor agent via SWIFT 
  • The transmission of your vote instructions to the issuers centralising agents
  • A full set of information on proxy voting modalities and market specificities 


Rate card:
 Unit fee (€ HT)
Access to the ProxyEdge platformFree
General meetings notifice
All countries10
Vote instruction transmission
Area 1France40
Area 2Germany, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Croatia, Denmark, Egypt, Spain, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, United Kingdom, Singapore, Sweden, USA60
Area 3Argentina, Australia, Austria, Chile, China, Cyprus, Euroclear Bank, Greece, Hong-Kong, Indonesia, Ireland100
Area 4Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Japan, Lithuania, Latvia, Philippines, Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia200
Area 5Finland, Israel, Poland, Portugal, Switzerland, Jordan300
Vote instruction transmission
Mutual funds (All countries)200

*Please note that the current markets are not open yet: Bulgaria, Lithuania, Latvia, Czech Republic, Poland, Romania, Slovakia and Slovenia. SGSS will activate the service extension in the best delays after the go-live of the SRD2 Directive. 


Information on market specificities