We are constantly developing our open innovation policy, by strengthening our relationship with startups and FinTechs and increasing the number of exchanges and collaborations. By doing so, we have two aims: offer them our expertise and benefit from their knowledge in terms of user experience, new technologies and methods.

Technology also opens the doors to new business models. As a trusted partner (as shown by studies around GDPR), we could extend our role to new functions such as data custodian and especially personal data. This is part of the banks' know-how: protect clients' data/assets in absolute confidence and confidentiality.

Open-innovation: #LePlateauLUX

#LePlateauLUX, the open-innovation lab of Societe Generale Luxembourg, aims to promote collaboration between internal project developers in order to develop our ability to manage more innovative projects, more quickly, and better serve our customers.

The start-ups are selected on the basis of technologies used, interest for our business and our ability to build applications on our mutual expertise.

#LePlateauLUX also collaborate with the Luxembourgish FinTech ecosystem, particularly with the Luxembourg House of Financial Technologies (LHoFT Foundation) and Luxinnovation, for its expertise in supporting innovative start-ups.

Our businesses are changing rapidly, opening up to agile and external companies helps develop new technical skills and accelerate internal ownership of hot topics such as AI, blockchain, cybersecurity and data. Our goal is also to strengthen our local footprint as a key contributor to the FinTech ecosystem in Luxembourg.

Be client centric
Improve efficiency
Create new business model